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Website Editor's Note:
Be advised that Quincy M.E. was part of the "wheel" (NBC Mystery Movie anthology television series), alternating between Columbo, McCloud, Rockford Files, and ... during the 1976-1977 television season. At the time it was created and written, it was not picked up by any major network. Larson had Lou Shaw write a limited script while Larson pitched the series to the networks in hopes they would consider picking it up. Therefore, the first 6 episodes and even the first 13 episodes comprised the first season - namely, 1976-1977.

While it takes a bit to get a show from storyboard to pre and post-production, the newer NBC executive Irwin ..., is responsible for making the judgment call to stretch the series along with at least two preemptions due to local events at the time (Frank Sinatra Live at Madison Square Garden and New York's Birthday Bash, celebrating 1976 bicentennial celebration). In an interview with Television Academy, show co-creator Larson indicates that the concept of the NBC Mystery Movie is that each "spoke" of the series run co-currently with altering series all running simultaneously in order to keep weekly ratings high. Unfortunately, this did not happen and as a result, the first season of the series was pushed out resulting in only 4 of 6 total 90-minute episodes to stand on its own before the series found a home at NBC.

Therefore, where you see some episode logs pointing to eight seasons - this is really incorrect. This series was truly produced with the intent to combine what some view as alternatively seasons 1 and 2 together. Thereby reducing the total number of television series seasons to Seven in all! Evidence of this is also why video distributor Shout! released its last season as "the final season" rather than terming it "season 8". In actuality, there are only seven seasons to this series. Additional evidence of this can be found in the production numbers associated with the series and how they are marked. The issue that complicated this entire series season scheming is the involvement of the first season being a stand-alone pilot and not officially designed as its own season. Also at the time, there was some understanding that this show could not be created because of the subject matter as a whole and that "... you couldn't show a series with a lot of corpses running around."

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Season 8 - a fictitious season that only exists if you count the first 4 episodes as their own first season rather than part of the NBC Mystery Movie anthology.

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