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TV Production

After being on hiatus during most of January, February, March, and April of 1977, the series re-surfaced as part of NBC’s regular Friday night hour-long line-up (10 – 11 PM). While the majority of the episodes aired during NBC’s Wednesday night line-up, a total of one-hundred and forty-three (143) 60-minute episodes were produced over the next six seasons (1977 – 1983).

Category: TV Production

During the first season run of QME, the series had something of a bumpy road on NBC in 1976 as part of the wheel, QME premiered as part of the ninety-minute NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. It shared that time slot (9:30-11 PM) with the likes of Columbo, McCloud, McMillian (and Wife), and Lanigan’s Rabbi.

Therefore, NBC originally ordered only six (6) ninety-minute episodes. Four appeared in that 1976 season, while the last two were preempted due to a Frank Sinatra MSG special and a televised NYC Birthday Bash special to commemorate the 1976 Bicentennial at the time. After the series moved to its regular sixty-minute time slot (10 – 11 PM), only a handful of subsequent “two- hour” episodes were produced.

Category: TV Production

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